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Hi Folks! I'm a 45-yr-old Ottawa guy. Been here almost 14 yrs now and love it. Have tons of interests and like trying all sorts of new things - volleyball, biking, camping, movies, reading, evenings with friends, weekend getaways, snowshoeing, and a whole lot more. Tats (6), piercings (6), scarification (1), and plans for more. I'm a bit of an environmental education and environmental literacy buff (you'll have to ask me about these).

Always looking for new friends and/or friends with benefits.

I'm happily married to a great guy who I love dearly. We've been together for almost 9 years now and share a fabulous relationship that makes our friends wonder and look twice. We like the mystery of that perception. We're open and poly positive. We share our lives with Ben, our bloodhound.

In 2006, I finished a Master of Distance Education (adult education & curriculum development) degree through Athabasca University (2006). My thesis is entitled: Environmental Literacy and Distance Education: A Window to the Future of Education in Ontario.

I spent 4 years on this program and, now, I am thinking about pursuing a PhD. In fact, it looks live I've discovered a professional doctorate in education that could be offered online via London South Bank University. If so, I think it all will start in 2010. My research interest is in merging means of curriculum assessment with the problems identified by environmental education. I think I might be nuts!

I'm quite proud of the fact that a chapter I co-authored (Environmental and Sustainability Education in Ontario - A Disorienting Dilemma) has now been published in a book entitled Innovation, Education and Communication for Sustainable Development. If you look at the chapter, please accept my apologies in advance for the glaring grammatical errors which, I assure you, were neither there in the final version we submitted nor in the publisher's version we proofed prior to publication.

Upcoming travels planned:

  • Driving west across the country - April 28 - May 1
  • Edmonton, AB - May 2 - 6
  • Calgary, AB - May 6 - 9
  • Vancouver, BC - May 10 - 12
  • Port Alberni and Bamfield, BC - May 13
  • West Coast Trail, BC - May 14 - 17
  • Port Alberni and Nanaimo, BC - May 17
  • Vancouver, BC - May 18
  • Driving east across the country - May 18 - 24
  • Peterborough, ON - May 29
  • Barrie, ON - June 22 - 24
  • Agawa Canyon, ON and Polar Bear Express, Moosonnee, ON - Fall 2009 (TBC)

    Oh, and did I mention? In Montréal and Toronto frequently?

    Is this on the radar for 2009?
    Wanting to get back into some regular camping and canoeing. Would anyone be interested in a canoe trip through the Barron River Canyon in Algonquin Park sometime in the summer or fall months? More information about the area can be found at this link or at this link.

    I created a new Yahoo group, so come check it out if you are interested: Gay Ottawa Valley Outdoors.

    Click here to join Gay Ottawa Valley Outdoors
    Click to join Gay Ottawa Valley Outdoors

    Hoping to connect and make some new friends here. Drop me a line & say "hi!"
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